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I give permission for my child to attend sessions run by Kyabram Youth Club. I acknowledge that my child may be injured in the course of a session and I understand and voluntarily accept the risk and agree that Kyabram YC will not be liable for any injury. I consent to and authorise the trainers from Kyabram YC to administer or arrange for appropriate medical treatment to my child in circumstances where the coach considers this necessary and it is not able to get in contact with the parent. I acknowledge that during the session the coaches may make reasonable physical contact with my child in order to practice skills (by physically guiding the child through the movement) and also to simulate the physical contact which occurs during the course of a normal game. I acknowledge that any photos or video taken during the sessions can be used for future promotional use.


I have read and agree to the terms above. Only by agreeing to the above terms can you join Kyabram YC.

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