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Haruomi Hosono: I had really bad jet lag last night. I had some energy drinks so I had enough energy to go through the set for an hour-and-a-half. I felt really good about the set, but right afterwards the effect of the energy drinks just wore off.


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First and foremost, let's define what a dank meme is: Colloquially, "dank" means "disagreeably damp, musty, and typically cold" so right off the bat we can see that dank memes are not a good thing. It's easy to think dank = good because dank is a word often associated with weed, a good thing. So, while we want to assume dank memes are bad, they're not. Dank memes are good.Cynics and jaded memers alike use "dank meme" as a description to indicate the meme has reached Normie levels of popularity. Classifying a meme as "dank" means that it's reached the upper echelon of visibility, the highest place it can reach before being shared to your Facebook by your Aunt Stacy from some page called something like "FUNNIEST Pics Of All Freakin' Time Seriously You Will L O L!!!"

It's funny, because it's you, but also because the hang loose hand gesture is so fuckin' tight, right? You are the human definition of the hang loose hand gesture my guy. But once you acknowledge this meme, unfortunately, it stops being dank. Don't ask me why, it just does.

In the co-feature, Brandywine, Md., heavyweight Seth Mitchell (25-0-1, 19 KOs), 30, will face Johnathon Banks (28-1-1, 18 KOs), also 30, of Detroit in a bout that was originally scheduled for the July 14 Danny Garcia-Amir Khan undercard in Las Vegas. However, Mitchell suffered an injury to a knuckle on his right hand and the bout was postponed.

"He's fine, he's sparring and he looks good," Salim said. "He never really left the gym. He wasn't using his right hand, but he was using his left hand. The doctor told him to rest the right hand and that's what he did. Everything is working now but his left hook is even crisper because we went through a lot of drills just working on his left hand while the right was healing."

One of these moments comes during a curious bedroom scene with Faye Dunaway, who plays his loving wife. We are given to understand the moment is post-coital. What does Brando do? Light a cigarette? Turn on the TV? Cuddle? Nooooooo . . . what he does is, blow kernels of popcorn into the air through a paper tube, so that Dunaway can try to catch them in her mouth. She catches one, finally, and seems so happy you wonder how much film they burned trying to get the trick right. The next time I see Dunaway, I'm going to ask her if, during that scene, she was wondering if acting with Brando was really worth the trouble.

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Mac DeMarco: \u201CYeah, so the idea was, I had all this s**t in my car, I started to drive, and I\u2019d pull up at a hotel or rental house or a friend\u2019s house or whatever, and load the s**t in. But I was excited to be in the cities, too, so I\u2019d be like, \u2018I need to record something right now so I don\u2019t feel guilty for not doing it today, then I\u2019m gonna go out and see homies or have an experience in the city.\u2019 There were places I didn\u2019t know anyone, but something I love is that I can go to pretty much any moderately sized city and walk around, and eventually someone will say, \u2018Hey Mac!\u2019 And I\u2019ll say, \u2018Hey, what are we doing?\u2019 and see where it goes.

Mac DeMarco: \u201COh, totally. I wear the same clothes every day like Bart Simpson. For me it\u2019s a bit Be All End All, like, \u2018Man, I found the greatest pair of jeans,\u2019 and you think you\u2019ve solved the puzzle \u2014 they look right and fit right and your life is fixed. But obviously all clothes fall apart. So I find something perfect and wear it till it falls apart. I\u2019ve always loved the old Russell hoodies. Right now I\u2019m wearing a new one \u2014 $20. It\u2019s not quite as great as the old ones, doesn\u2019t fit quite as nice in the arms, but for twenty bucks? I don\u2019t have to dig in the bins, searching for an old one? Can\u2019t beat that. With my pants, my friend Sam Salad from Meals made the pair I\u2019m wearing right now\u2014\u201D

Mac DeMarco: \u201CIt\u2019s true, haha. He\u2019s cool as f**k, you see him with the sunglasses on, a camel smoking a cigarette? It\u2019s amazing, it\u2019s cool, come on. That Joe Camel coozy I believe I got back when me and Kiera, my partner, were driving around on tour \u2014 I did a solo tour where we rented a minivan and ended up thrifting across the Bible Belt, buying bric-a-brac to set the stage up with. You know those flea market signs on the side of highway? You usually don\u2019t turn off but, if you do, and you\u2019re in the right zone? Gold mine.\u201D

Think about it this way: By refueling their appetite for affirmation (with the right fuel!), they will be overflowing with gratitude and approach the relationship from an expansive place when they feel supported.

David:If Murray could be signed for a low price, I'd be very much in favor of him returning. That's not the way this works, though. Running backs don't typically enjoy long NFL careers, and this is DeMarco Murray's best chance to secure a big-time contract with real financial stability. He has every right to pursue top dollar, and the Cowboys have every right to let someone else pay him. There will be drop off if this team moves on without Murray, as he is one of the most well-rounded backs in the league. But from a financial standpoint, it's far better for the Cowboys to move on with several cheaper options, as opposed to one expensive player.

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Anyone suspected of committing a crime should be entitled to basic civil rights that ensure access to due process and physical integrity. In the US, many of these rights are constitutionally guaranteed.

However, people are sometimes willing to condone civil rights violations in the criminal justice domain. For example, when debating the treatment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing of April 2013, many Americans argued that the threat of terrorism justified the denial of Tsarnaev's Miranda rights and his right to legal counsel.

In their recent paper published in Law and Human Behavior, social psychologists Anna Newheiser and Tina DeMarco (2018) examined what explains people's willingness to fore-go civil rights protection in the treatment of terrorist suspects.

Next, participants were asked about the acceptability of a series of events taking place during the arrest and interrogation of the suspect. Some of these events were violations of due-process rights (e.g., failure to provide Miranda warnings) and some were instances of unnecessary use of force (e.g., torture).

The results revealed that people condoned rights violations if retributive concerns had been activated by information about the suspect's deservingness for harsh treatment. Further analysis showed that this willingness was based on the view that the suspect who had ties to extremist groups was simply undeserving of lawful treatment.

MAC DEMARCO, it's a name whose personality NEEDS to be written (and said) in ALL CAPS. If there's one thing you can expect it's entertainment. The rawest, realest form of entertainment. Mac does this immediately by managing to make the entre crowd feel at ease, at home. His show went from feeling like, well, a SHOW into a full throttle family reunion. I cannot stress the factor of "family" enough. I am now writing this in the afternoon the day after and I can still feel the goosebumps from his high trembling voice at "Still Together" which was more impactful when, before he ended the song, said "Alright, babies, maybe one more chorus. If you havent felt nothing all night, here's your shot to feel something. Are you ready?..." I can still feel the water in my eyes from when he screamed, the chorus of "My Kind of Woman" I wish I could write about his music and just the brutally honest form it takes on when he performs live BUT this review is about more than that. The stage banter between Mac, The Bassist (I feel horrible for not knowing his name but the relationship between him and Mac is something beautiful, they are always on the same page and goddamn they are funny) and the audience is what sold the show for me. Mac and Pierce McGarry (! I had to ask who the bassist was) are just the funniest mf'ers ever. I was part of an improv comedy team at one point and Mac and Pierce are guys I'd love to have on my team (After playing Ode to Viceroy

I love Mac Demarco! He has a great presence and plays really great live! I have one problem though, some of his fans. We waited 3 hours in the rain outside the venue hoping to get front row and see Mac up close and personal for the first time. We met some really nice people and I was overall pleased with those around us at first. We got in and got second row, right in the middle and were so so excited!! As soon as he came out guys from the back who DEFINITELY did not wait 3 hours to get those spots started 'moshing'. Not metal show moshing, it was a literal shoving pit with no regard for girls or people who didn't want to mosh. I had very respectful people behind me, but my friend, got groped by some guy probably blitzed out of his mind on coke or something. She was near tears when we finally got out and I felt absolutely terrible. I had a panic attack because I get kinda claustrophobic in chaotic situations like that. So we moved up to the balcony completely shook at what just happened. If we had known there was going to be a mosh we wouldn't have waited 3 hours and gone down in the pit. It's one thing moshing at a metal show where you expect it, but moshing to relaxing Mac Demarco music?? Weird. Anyways most of the people who waited that long and got close spots lost them at the end of the night to annoying, sweaty guys who I really, reaaallly wanted to punch in the face. But, hey, it was a learning experience I guess. Mac played great and was funny as usual. Just wish he cared a little bit more about the safety of his fans. 041b061a72


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