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Grandia's combat mechanics have been carried over to future games within the franchise. The game has also spawned an expansion disk (Grandia: Digital Museum) and a spin-off title (Grandia: Parallel Trippers) - both released exclusively in Japan. In celebration of the announcement of renewing development on Grandia Online, which acts as a prequel to Grandia, the game was re-released on Sony's PlayStation Network platform in Japan as a downloadable title on April 22, 2009 and in North America on February 25, 2010. It was re-released in Europe on November 10, 2010. A high-definition remaster of the game was released in North America and Europe on August 16, 2019, together with Grandia II, for Nintendo Switch; a Windows version was released on October 15, 2019.[2] GungHo Online Entertainment clarified that a Japanese release of the remasters will follow in the future.[3]


Grandia HD Remaster for PC was released on October 15, 2019. The remastered game used original PlayStation code, but combined with the details and effects from the Sega Saturn version to create a definitive version of the game.[68] The remastered game features enhanced details to UI / sprites / texture art, visually enhanced original cinematic videos, widescreen support and customizable resolutions (PC only), Steam Trading Cards / Steam Achievements (PC only), Japanese and English Audio, and new language support (original English and Japanese plus French and German translations), gamepad and keyboard support with remappable controls (PC only).[69] Full Japanese language support along with various fixes were released on March 25, 2020.[70]

@HeroOfCybertron "QoL features" is a catch-all term for features added to a game to make it more enjoyable or smooth to play and otherwise bring the game up to the 'modern design standard'. For example, the 3DS remaster of Ocarina of Time added the option for gyro aiming, which paved over the issue of oversensitive aim controls. Or, as mentioned in the review, the Final Fantasy HD re-releases have included a host of togglable options like being able to increase the game speed, so grinding isn't as tedious. Most modern games are built and designed with QoL features in them to begin with, but--depending on their age--plenty of older titles need to have features retroactively added to them to keep them from feeling too dated and stiff when you play them alongside current games.@AtlanteanMan GungHo has tweeted and said that they're working on a series of patches, so I'm pretty optimistic this release will eventually be brought up to snuff. When (or if) they truly fix all the issues, I'd say you could add another two or three points to the final score. I do agree that it's disappointing; I don't expect a hundred point redesign, but a quality, stable release isn't too much to ask for.

I've seen a review from someone on Youtube and was giving also a low score to Grandia HD because there was no fast forward button for battles. Do you really expect that in a game like this? Please! Then this game is not for you. The remaster actually works very great. They added the 16:9 widescreen and the load times are decreased. On PSX you had to wait like 5 seconds befor you could go to inventory screen. And Grandia 2 was/is a great game and now having the widescreen native supports makes it even more great. Are you reviewer sure you're not a Grandia lover? Please let this game to be reviewed by people who does appreciate it. We don't need fast forward in games like this. You want fast forward? go play Disgaea 5 and yes there is a need since you can level up all the way to 9999 and waiting for those low speed animation can kill you. But in Grandia the battles are actually fast. When you start a battle the battles starts right away while psx takes a bit longer time. And you want a fast forward button? Please. This game collection should deserve at least an 8! New review please by someone who loves old school RPG like this. Thank you

@Rayquaza2510 No you cant. You still have load times dear. PSX takes like 5 seconds to load just to enter the equipment/status screen. In this remaster that is all gone! Everything pops up very fast and the native 16:9 widescreen is added. What else did you expect people from a remaster from this game? You want clearly a REMAKE. This aint REMAKE but a remaster. A remaster means higher resolution with possible decreased load times and more language support like JP original voices and maybe higher FPS. It's still a port with update. But don't expect it will get a REMAKE addition. WAKE UP people. Your demands are killing the remasters. Do you even know what a remaster means?

LMAO @ reviews... due the low porting it gets an other negative score. Hello a remaster is just giving the game higher resolution with some filters to make the graphics better and less load times! Please give this reviewer a cookie because he sounds bitter. He sounds like he expected a remake of Grandia. Does he even know what a remaster is?

Really guys. Grandia 2 is a great game, but this remaster is simply trash. And it's painfull for me to say this. I couldn't wait to play Grandia 2 again after all these years, it's one of my favourite JRPG of all time. But this version? I simply cannot recommend it.

But the purpose of a remaster is to bring the game that's to obsolete/not widely available anymore consoles, makes some small fixes to some creaky design from the past, maybe add online to multiplayer where it's available and eliminate bugs so these new audiences can see what the fuss is about this Grandia business and try out/follow Grandia related stuff, not just limit it to nostalgic folk and have the new audience struggle with the non-QOL stuff having the majority of this audience not come back.

Final Fantasy 7-12, Sega AGES, Arcade Archives, Phoenix Wright Trilogy, Megaman and X collection, Sega Genesis Classics, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, NSMBU Deluxe, Switch NES service, SMB Banana Blitz: these games have added Quality of Life adjustments like save states and rewind/fast forward toggle, button mapping, easier controls and the like; these games were remasters AND ports.

Second there are plenty of good remasters out there, some are good and some not, and I'm not the type to ask much from a remaster (I mean the Age of Empires 2 HD remaster, the first one gave more than I ever wanted and the MegaMan X Collection was the same)

I know it because I got it for the Switch (stupid me because on Steam I could have refund it), and if such a old game looks like that and has bugs, then that port (the word remaster is far away) is shit.

If the game is as buggy as described, I can, for once, understand the low score. Recently NL has had several reviews I have not agreed with, but if the bugs described are simply unacceptable for something that has been given an HD remaster. If this were a 20 dollar indie game from a tiny studio, I could forgive this lack of polish, but not from a company with 21 years of experience under its belt.

This sounds like they did a very lazy "remaster" just to cash in on that die-hard cult fanbase. If I had that nostalgic connection, and they did this to a game I loved from my childhood, suffice to say I would not be happy.

So in other words, you're better off getting and playing the original versions of the games if you can. Wow, you really have to screw up badly on a remaster for it to actually be considered the inferior version of the game!

@CurryPowderKeg79 lazy port like ps2 grandia. I do know we're at an age of early release games where hopefully this will get patched, though I do find $40 to be ridiculous especially given it doesn't have all the grandia games (grandia 3, Xtreme and gbc parallel trippers)

SickHead Games used the PlayStation code base, but aimed to improve the game performance to be more comparable to the Saturn release. In my eyes, this was a big success. Everything from exploration to battles run smooth, without any framerate drops. Battles no longer feel as slow as they did on PS1, but it still would have been nice if a turbo option had been included. One strange new quirk to come from this remaster is the screen flashing at the beginning of every battle transition. Hopefully, this is addressed in a patch.

The GRANDIA HD Collection will be shown to select press at E3 2019, giving the world the latest look at the highly-anticipated remaster of the pair of RPG classics. Please contact to schedule an interview.

Starting with the first instalment in the series, the original Grandia immediately shows you a widescreen version of the pre-game cutscene, which opts for using the blurred duplicate effect around the original 4:3 video rather than stretching it to widescreen, which can be forgiven if this would affect the quality of the cutscene. However, it is interesting to note that they do widen some, but not all, of the later in-game cutscenes. In fact, some of the cutscenes seem to have been significantly touched up, such as the clips of the ancient Angelou civilisation, where a number of the moving models in the cutscene seem to have been remastered. However, it can be a bit jarring that the style keeps changing throughout the game.

Aside from a few frame-rate issues in the second game, the games are ported well to the Switch and it is nice playing them in both handheld and docked modes. In terms of the remastering aspect, some more work could have been done with the 2D graphics and text to make it really clean but, if you can stand a bit of fuzziness, these brilliant titles still shine through.

There are a lot of things that the Nintendo Switch is good for, but if I had to pick one of my favourite reasons to own the console, it would be for playing classic JRPGs. The system is beefy enough to be able to run HD remasters of older games like a breeze, and the added portability is just the icing on the cake. Now, fans of the classic Sega RPG franchise Grandia get to experience that portable bliss with the launch of the Grandia HD Collection. 041b061a72


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