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Pslk - Content Delivery

In response to increasing demand for data linkage services and with support from the Department of Health and the Privacy Committee, SA NT DataLink added the new business function of the Data Integration Unit (DIU) in 2018. The DIU manages anonymised clinical and service use records in a collaborative partnership with data custodians, who are the delegated authority responsible for considering and approving the release of data. The DIU operates a secure data repository, the Custodian Controlled Data Repository (CCDR), which has improved data quality and data delivery times for approved projects [4].

Pslk - Content Delivery

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Even where data is made accessible, there can still be a significant delay between the time of data collection and its use for analysis. Furthermore, there are resource constraints and data quality and completeness issues. In response to an increasing demand from researchers and analysts, and their expectations for more timely delivery, the automation of processes, including approvals and provisioning, is essential.

Objectives:Describe the mechanism of action of PCSK9 inhibitors.Summarize the indications for initiating PCSK9 inhibitor therapy.Identify potential adverse effects associated with PCSK9 inhibitors.Review the importance of improving care coordination among the interprofessional team to enhance care delivery for patients who can benefit from PCSK9 inhibiting therapy.Access free multiple choice questions on this topic.

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