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Rodion Krylov

Cheapest Place To Buy Freshlook Colorblends UPD

I have been wearing freshlook colorblends for more than 15 years. 6-mnths ago dr prescribed me air optix contacts, causing red eye and dryness. I am sorry but i am very disappointed they are horrible.

cheapest place to buy freshlook colorblends

I just got my freshlook colorblends contacts in the mail today and I love them! I have astigmatism in both eyes, but I don't even have to use Freshlook Toric Lenses because these are so confortable...even for people with astigmatism. My natural eye color is a really dark brown, but in the light they're light brown. Gemstone Green makes a dramatic change in my eye's not just a regular green it's a really bright green! The Brilliant Blue isn't my favorite. In the day time, you can see the blue pretty well but when it's night my eyes seem my natural dark brown color, not what I was going for but it's still a really pretty blue. I love these contacts! They are so comfortable! I would recomend these to anyone who wants a dramatic eye color change :)

I have brown eyes and I got the ciba vision freshlook colorblends amethyst contacts. They enhance my eye color. Because I have dark eyes, it's not a true purple. They look great. Would have never thought to get purple, glad I did.

I tried freshlook colorblends honey and they are PERFECT!!! never had any trouble with the fitting or itchiness I'm glad they make color contacts that blend with my dark eyes no one can tell I'm wearing them. I really like then and glad I retired my glasses.

I had the freshlook colorblends green contacts as my first pair of freshlook colourblends contact lenses and they look gorgeous! I got millions of compliments on my freshlook colourblends and the best part is everyone thought they were real! Now I'm going for the freshlook colourblends hazel or grey contacts, I recommend these contacts for anyone!

I decided to try some color contacts. I love these fresh look color blends color lenses. I have brown eyes and ordered the freshlook colorblends contact lenses true saphire. Its so cool to see my new eye color staring back at me in the mirror. I never want to go back to brown.

I've been wearing coloured contacts since I was 16 and my colour at the time was (Chestnut Brown). Later I chose the freshlook colorblends (Hazel) 'too light' I thought so back to (Brown), then I finally decided upon (Pure Hazel) which I found fit me like a glove. Then I thought I would step it up a little and dramatically I went to (Gray). Even my husband doesn't notice the change because it isn't outrageously done it's naturally subtle! 041b061a72


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