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Purgatory (2014)

Regardless of the reasons for its neglect, it is the constant teaching of the Church that purgatory is quite real and that there are countless souls there in need of our prayers. But my point here is not prove that purgatory exists or to provide a theological basis for its existence. Rather, it is to urge you to pray for the Church suffering. Here are 5 reasons to pray for the relief of our brothers and sisters in purgatory.

Purgatory (2014)

Purgatory is nothing other than an experience of the burning and purifying mercy of God, a purifying love that consumes all defects with its intensity. While it may be strange for us to think of love and mercy as inflicting pain, this is the reality of purgatory.

I often preach on the Holy Souls and the need to pray for them. In fact, in our parish we have an annual Novena of Masses and each day a different aspect of death and the afterlife (with special emphasis on praying for those in purgatory) is treated. I admit though that in many parishes there is little if any mention of the need to pray for the dead.

November is a time where we honor our saints (known and unknown) and pray for the lost souls in purgatory. So don't let the scary name of this dish deter you from making it. It is an inexpensive, delicious and easy meal to prepare.

For a long time, purgatory was seen as a matter of discipline, a kind of experiment in controlled pain that a soul endured before being allowed to pass into paradise (after some number of years that was often the subject of convoluted calculations about the relative value of mortal and venial sins).

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