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PATCHED Download PDF Irrigation And Water Power Enginee...

Plant-water-soil relations examining evapotranspiration, plant stress, soil moisture depletion, irrigation frequency and depth, salinity management, infiltration, drainage and climate control. 3 lectures.

Download PDF Irrigation and Water Power Enginee...

Design of sprinkler and drip irrigation systems including: site characteristics, soil variables affecting water storage and infiltration rate, plant selection and hydrozones, hydraulics, nozzle spacing, selection of system components, back flow prevention, plumbing codes and cost estimating. Irrigation system evaluation and audit irrigation scheduling, and water budget. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory.

Advanced open channel and pipeline controls for unsteady flow. Social aspects of improved water delivery to customers. Engineering solutions for modernizing irrigation projects, including open-channel flow measurement, advanced control structure design, determining capacities, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory.

This paper provides a brief overview of key water related services human societies depend on such as domestic water supply, waste water management and sanitation, water storage, irrigation and flood management with respect to the role that engineering versus ecosystem solutions can play in providing these services and their impacts on planetary and ecosystem resources.

Rainwater harvesting broadly defined as the local collection of water during the rainy season in small scale storage facilities (Ngigi, 2003; Pandey et al., 2003; Oweis and Hachum, 2006) is an ancient technique that can be dated back to the Neolithic Age (Bruins 1986). Numerous but small local reservoirs require less resources for construction and maintenance with minimal conveyance losses compared to large-scale irrigation projects (Qadir et al., 2007), but the degree to which they can offset prolonged droughts is more limited. 041b061a72


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