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Rodion Krylov
Rodion Krylov

Olafur Arnalds So Far [Slowed Down] __LINK__

Experts say it is too early to announce the end of the eruption yet, even though the volcano has slowed down considerably over the past ten days, with five eruptions of different lengths from June 28th. The two-day break seems to be the longest so far.

Olafur Arnalds | So Far [Slowed Down]

Resettlement refers to refugees transferred from an asylum country to a state that has agreed to receive them and grant a permanent settlement. The first group of refugees to arrive as part of the resettlement program were 52 individuals from Hungary in 1956. Since then, individuals have come from states that were part of the former Yugoslavia. Groups have arrived from Colombia as well, while in recent times, Iceland has received groups of Syrian refugees, as 56 individuals arrived in 2016 while 47 did so in 2017. The Icelandic state did not receive more than ten resettlement refugees in the years following the financial crash of 2008, as it slowed down its acceptance rate dramatically. However, the state has indicated that it will start to receive more resettlement refugees in the coming years.

I wanted to use a small orchestra, but I knew that electronics would play a large part as well. The orchestral sound I wanted was on the one hand quite cold and textural, using extended techniques such as bowing with the wood of the bow instead of the horsehair and hitting the strings with the back of the bow. On the other hand there were some more intimate, emotional scenes which required a warmer, more expressive sound. The electronics were mostly created from processed and slowed down orchestra and solo cello recordings. 041b061a72


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