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43. It would be, for example, a priority, not only to ensure that all our programmes of education and formation for priests and bishops are a field of new evangelization, but it would be necessary to look at the forms which prayer and faith in the Real Presence could take in the education of young people. Today, many youth are still not fully acquainted with the sacraments, the Churchs liturgy and the mystery of the Eucharist.

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159. In a changing society there are urgent challenges which cannot be separated from the problems of the human and social order. Social reality is not simply the sum of human beings and their relationships. Neither is social life simply an alliance of individuals with the state and the law; it is also the natural setting for the free, mature and responsible activity of the person in terms of love and truth. The authentic human person, which a Christian ethics endorses, is a person whose moral nature has been fully developed, and who presents a face of love to the world. This authentic and authentic human presence is born of a gift of God, which is beginning to be lost in our society. In the face of challenges to the sanctity of human life and against the threat of relativism, we renew our understanding of human dignity as a result of a free and responsible engagement with the demands of the times, and so give new strength to this force which allows people to co-exist peacefully. Here we find not a replacement of God, but God present in that cooperation and dialogue which is necessary between God and his people. The biblical idea that God is love is not a rhetorical statement about the Gods attributes, but a description of his activity in the world and his encounter with his people. This idea is expressed in a love in which all are called to participate and which enriches and transforms the life of the people of God. Here, the infinite and fatherly love of God towards his people is seen in the One who atones for their sins, in the One who came to rescue them from their slavery to death and sin and establish them in a new life of love, joy and peace.


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